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On The Transformation Of Government Functions In The Context Of Regional Economic Cooperation

Posted on:2007-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C X XiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360215485467Subject:Administrative Management
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As the tendency of economic globalization and regional economic integration is increasingly strengthening just after the World WarⅡ, and with the emergence and development of China's urban groups and metropolitan circles since the reformation and opening to the outside world, China's regional and urban economies are gradually stepping into the new integrated stage of rapid development and trans-regional union. The optimization allocation and grouping of the resources of postgraduates in a certain space (region), the entire breakthrough of the administrative boundary, and the regional economic cooperation defined and measured mainly by the standard of economic contact and policy agreement have been a new space unit and research subject of the modern regional economic development. In order to accelerate the social economic development and adjust to the economic globalization, it is the road we must take and the choice we must make to extend and stretch the increasingly perfect international system of social labor division and apply it to research frame of China's regional economy.From the perspective of the regional administration, this paper is, based on the agreement of the regional governments on the regional overall interest, to establish the regional entirety advantages with the resources of organization and system. The existing obstacles of the regional government cooperation are shown as follows: the false notion of the cooperation ideas, the lack of the authoritative institutions of organization coordination, the improper exercise of the regional administrative functions and powers, the "only administrative achievements"-oriented regional official check and assessment system, the lack of the law and regulation of the regional cooperation, and the lack of the benefit compensation system and the interactive system of the regional information.Based on the analysis of those obstacle factors, the effective regional government cooperation mechanism has to be established with the consideration of the following aspects: governments should be the main promoting power in the regional cooperation and they should follow the following principles: ideologically, set up a win-win and coordination notion; in organization, build a proper power organization institution and development pattern and make a good plan and coordination; in the check and assessment mechanism and cooperation, change the "only administrative achievements"-oriented regional official check and assessment system and promote the construction and implementing of the regional competition cooperation laws and policies; in the benefit compensation mechanism, structure a balanced regional benefit compensation system; in the service platform, construct and expand regional information interactive platform, strengthen the construction of basic facilities and fund-raising to develop the regional finance; and in the cooperation fields, give priority to the key regional industries.
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