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Why And How HK To Transform Economic Structure In New Century

Posted on:2003-06-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360065456433Subject:National Economics
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In allusion to the characteristics, highly opening and freedom, of Hong Kong economics, this article launches on the common conception of economic framework before analyzing the impacts on the economical increase through transforming the economic framework in Hong Kong. At the same time it describes the typical factors that can influence the economic framework of Hong Kong.As the new century coming Hong Kong has been up against a series of challenges such as Chinese backland entry into WTO, Economic globalization and New Economic Era coming etc, resulting in the descending of integrate competition abilities world wide. All of above not only brings up a question of reasonability to existed economic framework, but also firms the faith to transform the economic framework as soon as possible.What the aim of transformation for Hong Kong is to build up some new preponderant industries based on those existing traditional industries that still have much value. The new framework should be provided with the following characters: industries lighted, sciential competing between companies, developing with creativities, business circumstance civilized and unionization of regional economic.According to the objective structure style the concrete strategies should be executed, such as developing the highly value-added industries, making the function of government more service, enhancing the creation ability, cultivating the human resources suitable to multi-culture and tightening the cooperation in district.It is the essential to Hong Kong to rebuild up the confidence via the trend that future of Hong Kong should be on. Carrying forward the spirit of indefatigability, Hong Kong grasps the opportunity to achieve refulgence again!...
Keywords/Search Tags:Economic Framework, Economic Globalization, New Economic, World Trade Organization, Multi-culture Management, Unionization of Regional Economic
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