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On The Construction Of Service-oriented Government In China

Posted on:2008-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360215960348Subject:Administrative Management
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The service government is the new position location and the objective to build of our country government. The further development of our socialism market economy and harmonious society of socialism and our party and the whole worldization asks our country to build the service government. Building our service government is the follow-on certain trend of history, and is the inherent requirement of good governance again, and also is only way to deepen all reformation and to realize the coordination of economy and society.This text divides five parts. First part is the basic theory of the service government. It is fixed to have carried on the boundary to the concept and the intension of service government on the foundation of synthetical home and abroad scholar's research of analysis; Analyse the essence and characteristic of the service government. Second part analyses theory foundation of the service government. The third part analyses the objective cause and certainty of our service government combining the specially designated or appointed politics language border of our country . The fourth part analyses the present situation and question that is faced with about our service government building. On the foundation of the former parts, the fifth part analyses the route selection from the angle of the good governance, and put forward with the duty government to be the cut-in point and the breach for our service government building ,by way of the system innovating to strengthen our duty government, and by way of the duty machine-processed practice to realize the duty content of duty government, which embodies all essence requirements to our government of public service concept, thus pushes forward our service government construction; The construction of the Party is the requirement and the guarantee of our service government, by way of changing leader's method to strengthen the power of the Party being leader, by way of developing the ability of being in power to strengthen the power of the Party being in power, by way of standardizing the relation between the Party and the government to push forward the development of the Party and the building of our service government.
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