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Study On Construction Of Service Government In China

Posted on:2008-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L N SuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360215496451Subject:Administrative Management
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In the 90s of last century, with the reform of western countries, to meet the needof society and economy development, China government positively conducted aseries of administrative reform, including simplifying administration department,transforming govemment function and practicing the system of civil servant. Butthen, the a series of problems arose, such as the lack of public service andgovernment's interfering market economy excessively, so the government carried outa new round of administration reform. Prime Minister Wen Jiabao formally putforward "constructing service government", which has become a goal ofadministration reform, on February 24th, 2004. Service government refers to a newmodel of government which sticks to society-standard and citizen-orientation andviews public service as the central work. The thesis analyzed and answered thefollowings questions—"why to establish service government", "what achievementsthe construction of service government has got", "how to improve furtherconstruction of service government".Part One introduced the background of service government and research methodused in this thesis. With the further reform of market economy system and politicalsystem, constructing service government was put forward, whose first goal is to meetthe demands of citizens and society through government function transformation.And the multi-dimensional view—public administration, politics, economics and soon—was used to analyze the construction of service government in China.Part Two elaborated the basis of service government theory. After analyzing therelationship between country and society, government and market, a conclusion can bearrived that country's function returning to society is a historical trend and "bigmarket, small government"is a marked characteristic of market economy system.Evidently, the construction of service government embodies above rules of society andeconomy development.Part Three analyzed the realistic needs of constructing service government. With the development of market economy, government's role in the economy hasexperienced "dictator", "guide" and "servant". The change of economy basis requiresadministration transformation correspondingly, which is the basic reason forconstructing service government. As an important content of political reform, publicadministration reform will bring along the reform of other subordinate systems inpolitical institution and deepen the political reform. Moreover, social problems can besolved by service government, so constructing service government will push forwardthe establishing of harmonious society.Part Four summarized the establishments and problems arising in the process ofconstructing service government of China. On the one hand, local governments hasaccumulated a large amount of experience on constructing service government,especially in the aspect of fulfilling the service concept and improving servicebehavior. For example, "one-station service" not only increased the managementefficiency, but also confirmed the government's obligation. On the other hand,because of the misconception on service government, inappropriate service behaviorand the lack of institutions, the basic public service is in shortage and there will a longway to construct the service governmentPart Five studied the further construction of service government. To solve theproblem existing in the practice of constructing service government and improve theservice government model, some measures can be taken to improve the constructionof service government in three levels—values, institution and behavior. First, theservice values should be transformed—establishing the guiding ideology of "citizenfirst" and the values of "equity". Second, government should enhance the institutionsupply—perfecting the systems of information communication, of supervision, and ofperformance evaluation. Last, the way of public service supply should be diversifiedand the service behavior should be standardized.
Keywords/Search Tags:service government, market economy, harmonious society, government function, public service
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