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The Idea And The Mentality Of The Chinese Service-oriented Government Constructing

Posted on:2009-11-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360245488216Subject:Public Management
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Along with public management movement reform in the world, many countries choose service-oriented government as the governance model to use. The service-oriented government has become the innovationcentral task of our government's reform, which is the Chinese administration reform tendency. Constructing the "people-oriented" service government has already become our n organizational reform theessential target and the core content.China wishes to establish a socialist country with Chinese characteristics, China's service-oriented government's theoretical should not only adapt to the context of globalization government reform, absorb and learn from the Western service-oriented government and, but also should guide by the Marxist Theory, at the same time we should not overlook the potential impact of traditional Chinese political culture, and should absorb reasonable constituents of traditional Chinese political culture. The Chinese government's reform is the unique, so China's questions will be more complex, dynamic, diverse and imbalances. We will inevitably encounter many difficulties which Western countries have never experienced, no books can give us ready-made answers. It is an important steps to face up to difficulties of China's process of building a service-oriented government. In order to push forward China's administrative and political structural reforms.This paper is divided into four parts. The content of the first part is rise and development of the service-oriented government theory, analyzing the new public assessment of Western management theory and the new public service theory. The second part is to descript our government management mode of practice and exploration and theoretical exploration, The third part is to analysis the plight of China service government .The fourth part is to build a socialist characteristics of a service-oriented government ideas .
Keywords/Search Tags:service government, the public service, New public management, citizen society
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