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China's Resource Exhausted Cities To Legal Aid Research

Posted on:2008-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y HaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360215984762Subject:Economic Law
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The exhaustion of the resource initiates a series of social problems, and comes to the major event in the resource-exhausted cities. Although, the question about the transformation of the resource-exhausted cities had been early discussed by many experts and many respective proposals had been put forward, so far not yet any one take the legal salvation as a special subject. The author used the comparison as the chief method, analyzed the thesis gradually. On the base of the analysis of the necessity on the legal salvation in resource-exhausted cities'transformation, the author said we have to take the law as the weapon, and made the detailed and exhaustive analysis.This thesis includes four chapters.Chapter 1 mainly elaborated the concepts and characteristics of the resource-based city and the resource-exhausted city. Then after having unified our country's situation, the author has drew the conclusion that we have to transform our resource-exhausted cities. After this, the author had proven the necessity of the legal salvation for our resource-exhausted cities .Deep the paper's practical value.Chapter 2 has carried on the analysis from the legal principle theory of law. This chapter divided into four parts. Each part took a special angle. In this chapter, not only had the author endlessly proven the rationale about the legal salvation in the resource-exhausted cities'transformation, but also deepened the theoretical color of this article.Chapter 3 has mainly compared on various countries' measures. Then the author analyzed the differences between our country and these countries. And finally obtained to the enlightenment to our transformation about the resource-exhausted cities.Chapter 4 has designed the legal salvation system. In the author's opinion ,the system mainly includes the following several kinds of measures, such as the the legal enterprise aids, the finance and tax's legal inclines, the legal employment promotes and the special environment system. In this chapter, the author had made the exhaustive elaboration to these measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Resource-Exhausted City, Transformation of Cities, Legal Salvation
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