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Research On The Role Of Government In The Transformation And Development Of Resource-Exhausted Cities

Posted on:2017-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H W YuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330512970618Subject:Public Administration
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Resources bring both prosperity and problems to the cities with resource-based economies.Most of the 69 resource-exhausted cities(counties and districts)in China face problems of resource depletion,economic decline,increase of unemployed population,environmental destruction,et al..To get out of difficult situations,it is necessary for the resource-exhausted cities to carry out transition.Although Heshan City,one of resource-exhausted cities,has made some progress in improving peopleís livelihood,contributing to environmental recovery and other aspects after 8 years of transition,there are still some problems that canít be ignored.In this paper,studies on the role of governments in the transition of Heshan City,whose resources had been exhausted,were conducted so as to provide the reference and scientific guidance for transition and development to resource-exhausted cities including Heshan City,aiming to achieve the sustainable development of these resource-exhausted cities.Firstly,the basic theories of government roles in the development of resource-exhausted cities were introduced in this paper,and the roles and main problems of different level governments in Heshan City in the development of the transition were analyzed based on the review of research literature at home and abroad;secondly,the successful experiences of both domestic and foreign governments in solving problems during the transition of resource-exhausted cities were introduced and relative analysis were conducted;finally,six effective ways were put forward as follows for the governments to intervene in the transition of resource-exhausted cities:to orderly develop and comprehensively utilize resources,to build a diversified industry system,to effectively safeguard and improve peopleís livelihood,to strengthen environmental improvement and ecological protection,to strengthen supporting capability,to implement and promote protective and supportive policies and measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Resource-exhausted City, Transition and Development, Role of Government, Heshan City
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