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"violent Revolution" Or "peaceful Transition"

Posted on:2009-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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How to move toward socialism has always been the core issue of the socialist theory and practice, it's also the most controversial issue in the history of the development of Marxism.About the way to the new social system, there are two totally different points of view in socialist pioneers before Marxism:Some support the idea to use violent means to overthrow the private ownership, and achieve the ideal social system; the others claim a peaceful transformation to capitalism, and gradually transit to a new society.After the birth of Marxism, Marx and Engels had different propositions at different periods of their lifetime on this issue.After the death of Marx and Engels, on how to realize the road of socialism, these two issues have evolved into a debate on "revolution or improvement". Until now this debate is still continuing.Therefore, to study the theorical and historical evolution of Marxism on the theory of realization of the socialist road, have important significance on how to maintain and develop Marxism, and on how to understand the future of the socialist road and its realization.Therefore, in accordance with the theory of the history of the development process, this article ideologically pedigrees with the issue of the road of socialism on the carding, it's from the basic ideas of the founders of Marxism, to the internal differences and disputes in Marxist camp, to the different areas of explore in the East and in the West. In order to get a preliminary exploration of the basic factors that impact the choice of the road of socialism, on the basis of comparative analysis.
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