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Administrative Organizational Culture And Administrative Development

Posted on:2009-06-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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To transfer government function has been the key task for the reform of China administration system. In the sense of the administration development, the whole administration system takes a substantial change by government's effort on reform in order to carry out rational administration, nomocracy administration, democratic administration and justice administration, and finally to strengthen government's function of service and alleviate its function of administration. As the soul of administration management, administration organization culture is the core part of the administration development. It plays great role in regularizing administration activities, directing transform of government function and change of administration system. The experiences we could learn are quite limited in the area of study on how to strengthen the development of organization culture by all levels of administration departments. Some research outcomes have been met difficulties while they were put in practice. Some problems have been appeared during the process of administration culture development, such as the difference between modern requirement from outside of organization and traditional inside structure, disharmony between spiritual, systemic and substantial culture.The object for this thesis is cultural development within finance and taxation departments. In the view of modern finance and taxation history, the thesis brings finance and taxation organization culture into the whole history of development of finance and taxation. It takes the method of history comparation combined with survey of cultural tendency, focus on issues such as the structure and the feature of finance and taxation culture, evolvement of modern finance and taxation organization, and change of modern finance and taxation culture. The thesis looks into the evolution of finance and taxation culture by analysis on traditional history of finance and taxation and the change of its organization structure as well, put forward the issue of limitation of organization culture within finance and taxation departments.The main opinions are as follows:Finance and taxation cultural development is a whole systemic project, it needs to explore from the aspect of history of finance and taxation.In order to solve the dilemma phenomena of difference between outside requirements and inside structure, and to harmonize the organization cultural structure, it needs to infiltrate humanistic spirit to the organization, and regularize failure and supervise the implementation shortage.It should be the main stream through the spiritual, systemic and substantial culture of finance and taxation...
Keywords/Search Tags:administration development, administration organization culture, finance and taxation culture
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