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Level City Districts, Administrative Functions And Management Systems Analysis

Posted on:2010-07-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Municipal district is an important subdivision of the administrative system in China. As a concept in geographical, political and legal category, a municipal district has a status that equals to that of a county. The status of a municipal district directly under the jurisdiction of the Central Government is similar with that of an autonomous prefecture.The predicament in governance of municipal district starts to hold back the development of municipality and municipal district now. Based on the theories such as decentralization theory, administrative area economics theory, civil society theory and government competition theory, this thesis tries to clarify the origin, background, characteristics and evolution skeleton of the competition between municipal city and municipal district and the predicament in governance by sorting out of the development process of municipal district, further nailing down the positioning of governmental function of municipal district.This thesis focuses on the all-round investigation, analysis and discussion on the administative management system of Longwan district, Wenzhou city. It points out the institutional deadlock that Longwan district is now facing, including "districts in district", government function competition and financial power competition, etc. It also analyzes on the institutional differences between Longwan district and other counties in Wenzhou city on the aspects of administrative functions, administrative self-determination and political and economical treatment, etc. Meanwhile, it explores on how to get out of predicament through reform and innovation, using the advanced experience home and abroad for reference, so as to establish a favorable interactive relationship between municipal city and municipal district for mutual benefit. This thesis induces the principles and preconditions, such as the delegation of functions, the optimization of the performance appraisal system and the equality of authority and responsibility, etc, and putts forward to constructive suggestions of maintaining the current frame and withdrawing and conforming on the reform of the administrative system of Longwan district, and finally tries out the developing direction of the administrative institutional reform of municipal districts and its practice orientation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Municipal District, Governmental Function, Management System, Municipality Governance
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