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Study Of The Development Dimension Of The Marxist Concept Of Freedom

Posted on:2010-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360275983116Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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In this paper, from the development dimension of the Marxist concept of Freedom to conduct a comprehensive, detailed research. The face of all times and in all complex arguments freely, how to grasp the true meaning of freedom, how to make use of the scientific concept of Freedom lead us forward, Marxist concept of Freedom is no doubt give us the answer. The formation of the Marxist concept of Freedom is the process of critique and reconstruction, it is precisely because the development of Western liberalism in financial straits, for the creation of scientific Marxism, radical materialism provides an opportunity to freely view. Western ideas of freedom of reproduction, flourishing, compared with the Marxist concept of Freedom of the formation and development provides a rich theoretical foundation and rich culture. Marx abandoned Hegel's idealism, Feuerbach liquidation of the study traces the people, declaring freedom are basic human social practice at the people on the characteristics of the freedom of conscious. Marxism at it, freedom is not abstract, but substance, the reality of history. Marx's Freedom is the main object of the unity of necessity (including the inevitability of subjectivity and the object of inevitability) and the relationship between subjectivity constitute the basic content freely. Marxism is the objective of freedom for the freedom of the development of a solid material foundation, and the freedom of subjectivity for the freedom of unlimited development potential. At Marx's concept of Freedom, the Freedom has never been surreal, super-class, but concrete and historical. Therefore, Marx's Freedom Freedom is limited, not absolute, and unlimited freedom. Marxism in favor of freedom, namely freedom should be conducive to human progress and development of society, rather than the indulgence of human instincts fall. This is the Freedom of Choice Marxism and standards. Through the history of the development of human society, Marx acutely found and pointed out that mankind will get rid of people's dependence and reliance on the material, and to "those who have personality," namely "the freedom of people and all-round development" stage. This stage is to communism. Communism as a "man's free and all-round development" provided the material security and possible, but it is not the end of the development of human freedom, but at a new stage of development on the beginning. Marxism at it, true freedom of humanity are at the necessity and purpose of the provisions of the external work to be done to terminate the places that it exists in the real other side of the field of material production.
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