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Dalian Development Zone, The Status Of The Family Education Of Children 3-6 Years Old, Research And Respond To

Posted on:2011-01-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330332961970Subject:Education Management
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Along with science development,social progress , economic prosperity, education teaching organizational reform deepens unceasingly and all national life level enhancement, expectation and request for family education enhances unceasingly, So on the assumption, how to adapt to modern scientific progress and social development , improve the level of China's early childhood education comprehensively, particularly in children aged 3-6 overall level of family education, there are far-reaching significance and impact for the long-term development of our state and nation, family education become a hot topic to explore in recent years. It's an current and important new issue that guidance and strengthen family education among parents of children 3-6 years of education awareness and concept , not only the strong call of the times but also a real urgent needs.In the process of writing this article, the author examined a large amount of literature ,though Chinese scholars made a lot of work, carried out in-depth study, and a considerable number of the results came out, for a long time, people are lack of sufficient awareness and attention for 3-6 years of age pre-school children in family education. Most of them focus on the macro perspective of Chinese contemporary changes in family education research, or study of urban children family education and quality education, or only-child-parent families study of education and children's growth; or study of parental rearing patterns influence the psychological development of young children; or study of children's problem behaviors and family environment and relationships, or early childhood parent education on attitudes survey and analysis, the lack of specific micro - case study, in order to support the fundamentals of today's society among the problems .3-6-year-old children are more concentrated in kindergarten , the author has cooperative ties with less than 30 local kindergartens , easy to survey and research, so as to Dalian Development Zone as an example of pre-school children 3-6 years old the family to investigate the status of education and research..Through the efforts of more than a year, the author have a clear understanding the status of family education of 3-6 year-old pre-school children in the Dalian Development Zone, find and identify some of the deep-rooted problems. which impact 3-6 years of age the development of family education. Such as: the government education management is less than scientific and standardized; social support systems are not sound enough; community-based management system is not perfect; kindergarten services is not scientific and rational; parents of the overall level of quality is not high enough, these problems need to refine and improve constantly. On this basis of national experts and scholars on the evolution and development research and advanced theories of family education, the author conducted a questionnaire survey and interview pre-school children 3-6 years old the status of family education in this region , put forward the reasons for the effective promotion of the countermeasures and personal opinion. If accepted and adopted by educational administration departments and the parents, I believe that there will be a new level. of pre-school children 3-6 years of age the development of family education in the pilot zone of Dalian open .
Keywords/Search Tags:3-6 year-old children, family education, parent Education status, promotion measures
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