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An Analysis Of The Factors Affecting The Specialty Provision Of Private Higher Vocational Colleges And The Countermeasures

Posted on:2014-08-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207330434972970Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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The setup of majors is of vital importance for the training process of colleges and universities, which is decisive to the school’s scale, quality, effectiveness and the training standard. Vocational education academy, as an important part in Chinese higher education field, is witnessing rapid development in recent years, andis still learning to master the rules for setting majors and the operational way in the market-oriented economy. Therefore, our research on the setup of majors has significant value for higher vocational academy in school management and development.As an important part of higher education, higher vocational education isaimedatthe training of highly skilled and specialized talents who shall meet the needs of production, construction, management, and service in the society. Its target of talent education determines the setup of majors which must be guided by the market, and must adapt to the structural changes and adjustmentsin the differentindustries in the society. Therefore, the setup of major is vital for higher vocational academy tomake adaptations to social demands. And the rationality of the setup of majors not only concerns whether the talents educated by higher vocational academy are able to adapt to the requirements of social economy on talents, but also concerns the characteristics of school management and the sustainable development of higher vocational academy.For a civilian-run higher vocational academy, the setup of majors has a direct influence on student admissions and employment. The recruitment of students and their employment after graduation willinfluenceits survival and development. The most obvious characteristics of a civilian-run higher vocational academy is to face the markets-student recruiting market and employment market. However, the two markets do not cover all the factors for the setup of majors. As a result, the paper is an attempt to investigate into these additional factors.As a civilian-run higher vocational academy in Shanghai, College L has been founded for10years since2003. From the preliminary scale development to the current connotation? Construction development, its idea on the setup of majors also changed, from "setting up every hot major" to "setting up scientific and reasonable majors according to local industrial structure adjustment and regional economic development", with which the school can make development in the severe competition among numerous civilian-run higher vocational academies. As the author is working in College L, the present study is designed in its observation. The paper, beginning with the majors of higher vocational education and its conception, makes an analysis and research on the actual condition of College L in accordance with the summary on the issues and meaning of the research. And then, it expounds the problems and impact factors in the setup of majors of higher vocational education. The paper makes analysis on the contents of the research by literature survey and comparative study. And eventually, it proposes the measures and tactics based on theoretical and data analysis combined with the actual condition of the college; meanwhile, some suggestions on the principle and program of the setup of majors for civilian-run higher vocational academy are also recommended.
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