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Progressive Era In U.s. Higher Education For Women

Posted on:2002-12-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Women抯 higher education is a cosmopolitan problem, which wins worldwide attention at present. As an advanced education nation, the United States has a prominent status on the women抯 higher education in the world. Look back the history of American women抯 higher education, we can learn that from its beginning in 1830抯 to this day, it always faces many frustrations. But the progressive era is a pivotal period, during this period, both woman college and coeducation obtained unprecedented development on the female抯 enrollment, curriculum setting, extracurriculum activity, teachers setup. The dissertation attempts to deep study the concrete situation of women抯 higher education in the progressive era of the United States. The dissertation consists of four chapters. Chapter one introduces the beginning and the incipient development of women抯 education in American, and the complexion of the establishment and development of the women抯 higher education. Chapter two investigates the development and the period抯 characteristic of the women抯 higher education in the progressive era, which include the situation of woman college, coeducational campus and the black women. Furthermore, the research on woman college includes two parts: the northeast and the south region. Chapter three analyzes the factors that impact on the women抯 higher education of the progressive era, which involve social economy, feminism activity, modem university reform, assists of warmhearted individual, the achievements of the first generation alumnae, the prominent woman college抯 president. It抯 these factors that make the women抯 higher education obtain specific success. Chapter four analyses the importance and the shortage of the women抯 higher education of the progressive era. The progressive era is not only the consolidated period of women抯 higher education but also its manifold development and transition period. But there are many shortages in the women抯 higher education of the progressive era , such as class localization, race discrimination, region抯 unbalanced-development and lack of legislation.
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