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Qfd-based Teacher Training Institutions In Undergraduate Training System Under The New Curriculum

Posted on:2010-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207360275964403Subject:System theory
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With the formal issue of the new curriculum standards, fundamental education in our country has entered a new stage. A higher requirement is rendered of the teachers in middle and high schools by the new curriculum standards. As the provider of teachers for middle and high schools, undergraduate education in normal colleges and universities has become the focus of attention. A scientific and reasonable system for undergraduate education in normal colleges and universities should be established so as to provide real and valuable information to the policy-making authorities concerned and all circles of the society. Thus higher education can really be student-centered and the quality of education and teaching in normal colleges and universities can be effectively improved.First, the conception and principle, research status quo, the development and application of the Quality Function Deployment(QFD) have been discussed. The guarantee model for quality programming has been researched so as to ascertain the demand for the quality of undergraduates in normal colleges and universities. The Model can provide theoretical foundations for undergraduate education in normal colleges and universities.Second, problems in the existing curriculum in normal colleges and universities have been analyzed so as to put forward reasonable curriculum based on quality and technology. The curriculum of physics education in normal colleges and universities is researched demonstratively with the employment of principal components analysis so as to better the curriculum of physics education. In this way the curriculum of physics education can meet the demands of both the new curriculum standards and fundamental education.Finally, the concrete appliance of QFD in normal colleges and universities is summarized and the vision of QFD in the future is estimated in allusion to the challenges for normal colleges and universities in the wake of the implementation of the curriculum standards, the development of fundamental education, together with the actualization of teaching evaluation of undergraduate education conducted by the ministry of education.
Keywords/Search Tags:the new curriculum standards, Quality Function Deployment, cultivating system, course design, principal component analysis
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