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Expansion And The Financial Crisis On The Eu Labor Market Analysis,

Posted on:2011-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207360305998548Subject:World economy
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Considering the importance of labor market and the specificity of EU,we decide to look into the EU labor market. During the recent years, two major events happened to the EU labor market was the eastern enlargement and the financial crisis, as a result, this paper examines the effects of eastern enlargement and financial crisis on the EU labor market.In this paper, we first introduce EU labor market's performance and characteristics before the enlargement, the causes of the problems in the labor market, and the policies adopted by the government; we then look into the eastern enlargement's influence on EU labor market both theoretically and practically, including old member states'attitude to the labors from the new member states, the overall performance after enlargement of the labor market, and the effects to both old and new member states;we also examine the effects of the financial crisis and government's policies adopted accordingly later. Finally, we give some suggestions to perfect Chinese labor market.The main conclusions of this paper are:The eastern enlargement does not have serious impact on old member states as supposed, and the negative effect is smaller than the positive effect. The financial crisis do have serious impact on the EU labor market, however, after series of active policies and measures, EU labor market will recover and prosperous in the long run. We suggest that China should learn from EU to promote the free movement of the labors, to establish fair social security system and monitoring system, to pay great attention to soft investment, and to maintain the long-term policy vision.
Keywords/Search Tags:Eastern enlargement, financial crisis, EU labor market, effect
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