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Research On The Policy In Promoting The Coordinated Development Of Higher Vocational Education And Labor Market Demand

Posted on:2017-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In China, defects and faultiness exist in labor market because the history of labor market is very short. Meantime,the rapid development of China’s vocational education is mainly pushed by national policies and administrative regulations instead of the objective needs of the labor market. Moreover, a stretch mechanism has not formed yet, that the development of vocational education doesn‘t match the labor market in the respects of coordination, and cooperation in the mid-and-post industrialization process. As a result, the phenomenon of ―hard to find job‖ and ―labor shortage‖ coexist in our labor market nowadays. In the year of 2012, 63 percent of the students graduating from vocational college thought that their jobs couldn‘t match their career expectation. The shortage of advanced skillful labor force has happened frequently in the coastal areas like Shanghai, and Guangdong province.This thesis focused on the case study of vocational education of Guangdong province. This research shows that there are four factors on the inducement of labor market disequilibrium, such as the discrimination among vocational education, the low quality, the transparence of labor market information, and the distortion of financial education funds. Moreover, this thesis introduces the solutions on labor market disequilibrium in foreign countries: the government provides the forecasting information of the labor market, and the financial grants for matching the market reality for vocational education.The author put forwards some suggestions of the government roles on how to better the development of Higher Vocational Education and the labor market in the future, such as enhancing the attraction of higher vocational education, reconstructing the system of higher vocational education, promoting the transparence of the labor market information, reforming the investment approaches of higher vocational education.
Keywords/Search Tags:vocational education, labor market, labor market forecast, financial capital
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