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A Study On Legal Regulation Of Telecommunication Competition In The Background Of Information Technology Advancement

Posted on:2012-07-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X C ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330338470977Subject:Economic Law
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The development of telecommunication industry is a history of information technology advancement. Every innovation of information technology has changed the industry structure and competition pattern of telecommunication industry in the worldwide. Since the 1990s, the development of network technology makes network integration and sharing a reality. China telecommunication industry has completed reform and restructuring for the opportunity of 3G technology in 2008, and now telecommunication market form a pattern of effective competition with three basic telecommunication operators, each of which has a qualification of entire business operation. Although telecommunication technology is developing rapidly, in the opposite way, the competition regulation of telecommunication industry in China is far from perfect. The telecommunication regulations are too old that problems in practice are becoming more and more obviously. This paper is focus on the new trend of China telecommunication competition practices in the background of technological advancement and three nets integration, and makes analysis of typical unfair competition behaviors. We should also referring to the successful experience of model competition legislation of telecommunication overseas, and impel further reform and perfection of competition law system of telecommunication in China.The first part analyses the current situation of telecom competition regulation in China. China's current telecom competition law chiefly concerning three laws:The Price Law, Anti-Unfair Competition Law and Anti-Monopoly Law, and one industry regulation:Telecommunications Regulations. To contrast current telecom competition laws in China, many problems exist in the telecom competition legislation of our country, such as cobwebs of industrial regulation, legislative conflict, and weak professional, which has affected the effective competition of Chinese telecom industry.The second part studies on the character of illegal competition behaviors in telecom industry. And mainly focus on changes caused by technological progress, which shows that many illegal competition behaviors are better hidden. Trying to unravel the technology veil, and restore true colors of illegal competition behavior. Meanwhile, this part also introduces new problems in competition caused by the new progress of three networks integration, to promote legislation and regulation system.The third part mainly introduces telecom competition legislation and regulation, as well as the development of three networks integration overseas, especially the United States, Japan and European Union. And summarize the experiences and lessons of telecommunication control in developed countries, to provide reference for the development and perfection of Chinese telecom industry.The fourth part raises several ideas and suggestion on the reform and improvement of Chinese telecommunication industry, including legality perfection, coordinating competition regulation, and the reform of regulatory.World telecoms are in the liberalization trend of market opening and network integration. China telecom will face more challenges of every large telecom operators all around the world in the future. China's telecom industry structure reform has completed, and the next step is to build an effective competition market. Only through constantly expand strength and technological progress in a fair market, can Chinese telecommunication operators face the real challenges of international telecommunication business.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technical progress, Integration of three networks, Legal Regulation on Telecommunication Competition, Regulator
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