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China's Agricultural Land Circulation Research Resource Protection

Posted on:2012-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The land issue is China's major economic, political and social problem. Land transfer system in the protection of agricultural land is a top priority. Agricultural land protection concerns the vital interests of farmers, relating to the sustainable development of agriculture in the treatment of this issue, we must take caution. How to transfer the land to agriculture can be achieved Land resources, land protection is China's legal system and economic system of land research.In this paper, the circulation in the land of agricultural land resources conservation in China conducted a study on how to improve the protection of agricultural land put forward ideas. Details are as follows:First part shows that the land transfer and land transfer in the conservation of agricultural land were defined. These concepts in a clear meaning in this article.The second part describes the process of land transfer at this stage on the status of agricultural land conservation and comprehensive analysis of the reasons causing this situation.The third part, the paper of some countries and regions made of agricultural land resource protection, with the same people will be less and the climate similar to South Korea, and set South Korea as an example, were summarized and analyzed, hoping to get some useful lessons extraterritorial.The forth part, from a legal point of view to solve the land transfer process in the protection of agricultural land resources. From the preparatory phase of law-making, how to formulate, develop the content of which, in the end explains how to conduct effective legal supervision.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land transfer, Agricultural land resource protection, Legislation mechanical, Agriculture land management
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