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The Study On Mechanisms To The Contradictory Resolution In The Rural Areas

Posted on:2012-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X R LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330362953315Subject:Marxism in China
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Currently, in the transition period of some new changes have taken place in rural areas, resulting in a number of new contradictions, these contradictions are the main features of the growing number of these contradictions,widening the main body of contradictions, dispute sudden increasing, more difficulty to resolve conflicts, The colony of contradictions strengthens and matter as the main body of conflicts and so on. These countradictions belong to the contradictions among the people , which has the coordinated mechanism.Resolve these conflicts need efforts of various rural, and lack of the Interest-expressing mechanism is a difficult problem.Building a sound Interest-expressing mechanism is conducive to resolve the current problems of rural conflicts effectively. Present situations of the Interest-expressing in rural is institutional empty to the Interest-expressing,expressing channels are sluggish, the expressers lack of awarenesses and abilities, the expression of tissue loss and so on. The expression mechanism of the interests imperfect the contradictory resolution effectively in rural areas, so the construction of the Interest-expressing mechanism is imperative. To build a sound mechanism to Interest-expressing in rural areas, starting from the following areas: improving the system platform of the Interest-expressing mechanism to the rural, including improving People's congress and Political consultation system,"Villager self-administration"system and the Inquiry system and so on; building some mechanisms to control of public authorities; culturing the mechanisms of benefit expressers; establishing a sound mechanism of the organization of Interest-expressing; improve the mechanisms of safeguards of public participation and remedies to implement ; strengthen the various mechanisms of Supervise. Through build a sound mechanism to the Interest-expressing in order to resolving rural contradictories which is the needs of building a harmonious society, which is the needs of building a new countryside and achieving social fairness and justice.
Keywords/Search Tags:the contradictory resolutionin the rural areas, mechanisms to the resolution, the Interest-expressing mechanism, Construction of new countryside
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