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Research On The Public Institution Reform

Posted on:2014-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330422961361Subject:Administrative Management
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The rapid development of road transport industry, the construction of the comprehensivetransport system and the green traffic system, together with the administrative reform makeup the external environment of the road transport management institution reform. However, aserious of problems that exist in the road transport management institution are the internaldemand of the reform, such as the positioning deviation in nature, the organizationaloverlapping, the low quality of personnel and the overlapping functions.This paper analysesthe present situation of the road transport management institution from the nature ofinstitution, legal status, organization structure, norms institution, function, and personnel andfinancial situation, and so on. Firstly, based on the analysis of the public institution, the papercarries on a reasonable localization to the road transport management institution withtheoretical analysis. Secondly, by using the theory of organizational structure, governmentfunction, and government reform in Administration Science, the paper analyses the reformideas to the road transport management institution. Finally, the paper designs the guidingideology, steps, reform plans, focal and difficult points and supporting measures to the reform.The road transport management institution is a kind of administrative institutions. Inaccordance with the guiding ideology of classifying reform in institution, the road institutionshould transform to the administrative institution. However, the public institution reform is asystematic project, which does not only change the organization’s nature, but change themanagement function as the core of the reform. the transformation will be accompanied bysystem changes in institutional settings, management system, and personnel and finance, anda series of other system. This paper designs the overall scheme of road transport managementinstitution reform, and it intensively discusses the institution setting, management system andfunction adjustment. The study in this paper has a certain theoretical guiding significance andpractical significance to the reform of the road transport management institution and otheradministrative institutions.
Keywords/Search Tags:road transport management institution, institution reform, managementsystem, function transformation
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