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Research On Network Group Events Development Mechanism

Posted on:2013-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J L CaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330362959649Subject:Administrative Management
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Currently on-line and off-line network group events are prominent issues, which impact on social order and stability. Understanding the essence of network group events, managing the regular mechanism of network group events occurrence and development are not only do provide policies support for government prediction and reaction to network group events, but also strengthen and perfect emergency management and warning system of related government departments. Maintaining social stability and creating harmonious society can also benefit from it. That's why researching on on-line and off-line network group events are urgent for academics.The academia paid enough attention to the group events happened in the real world, but did not do the same for network group events. There are only simple analysis of network group events definition, category, and reasons, and rare of network group events development mechanism. This dissertation studies the case of"Zhou Jiugeng Issue"in order to understand the development mechanism of network group events, and make up the deficiency in this area. This dissertation applies methodologies of literature review, case study, and content analysis to research the BBS responses in different stages of network group events from the perspectives of background, static elements, motivations, and sub-issues. Under the guidance of Social Conflict Theory, and Collective Action Theory, this dissertation analyzes the interaction content of network group events background, static elements, motivations, and sub-issues, and the influence to network group events development. Exploring network group events development mechanism aims at providing decisive supports for government warning, reaction and management network group events by leveraging all kinds of resources.This dissertation has five chapters. The first chapter is a foreword, which brings questions, research meanings, research status quo, research methodology, and research logic. The second chapter is theories review, and analysis structure, which demonstrate related theories, Social Conflict Theory, and Collective Action Theory, background, static elements, motivations, and sub-issues four angels of views, and integrated analysis structure. The third chapter is case study and data analysis, which state the reasons of choosing"Zhou Jiugeng Issue"as the case, criteria of choosing data, and analyzing data from four perspectives. The chapter four is the research on network group events development mechanism, which under the guidance of Social Conflict Theory, and Collective Action Theory connects the data analysis results, and study the network group events hot topic reorganization mechanism (social background and static elements) and occurrence pattern (motivations and sub-issues interaction) from two stages and four angels of view. The fifth chapter is conclusion, which is to sum up the research results and future research direction, and etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:network group events, development pattern, grounded theory
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