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Study On The Development Of Workers' Subjectivity In The New Period

Posted on:2012-07-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330368489368Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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In the new period,workers'development problem has become an important issue.Over the past several decades,the Chinese working class fully playing a main force has made the great contribution for our country socialist construction. With deepening of reform and opening-up in China and the development of globalization,great changes have taken place in the political climate of home and abroad. It's a urgent question in the current research how to continuously improve subject quality and subject competence for workers themselves so as to keep the revolutionary character and advance of working class better.This thesis firstly presents a review of the development state of the subjectivity of workers during the early days of New China,the "Cultural Revolution" as well as the beginning of reform and opening up and summarizes that the socialist system is an important foundation for exerting workers'subjectivity and that the opening-up reformation is the forceful power to enhance workers'subjectivity and that improvement of quality is a significant respect of developing workers'subjectivity.Secondly, productivity growth, economic globalization and the impact of the scientific development view on developing the subjectivity of workers are deeply analyzed in this paper which notes that the development of workers'subjectivity during the new period mainly shows that the enhancement of people's rights consciousness,development of social relations,personality development and needs and the development of a subject's capacity.Meanwhile, the author analyzes the challenges of development of workers'subjectivity in detail, such as employment pressure challenging heroine awareness,contradictory conflict challenging rights consciousness,discrepant individual income and distribution challenging the notion of equality,the worship of money challenging individual independence,etc.As for the effects on the subjective elements and the social factors of workers'subjectivity development,the thesis puts forward new thinking:developing productivity energetically is the base; Keeping people oriented is the core; Advancing workers'subjectivity is the key; The coordination of labor disputes is the means; Improving laws and regulations is the guarantee of security. Finally, on the basis of the review of development course of workers'subjectivity and grasping the current situation of workers'ubjectivity, the author comes up with that the trend of workers'subjectivity development in the new period will march into modernization, keep advanced quality, promote all-around development and constantly upgrade the overall quality...
Keywords/Search Tags:workers, subjectivity, subject quality, initiative
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