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Chinese Villagers' Committee Election System Reform And Improvement

Posted on:2012-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Recalling the villagers' committee election system from the view of history, it has evolved the gradual process from spontaneity to consciousness, from the facts to the legal norms, from farmers'innovation to country-driven. To evaluate in the field of reality, the villagers' committee election system, which is an integral part of the system of villagers autonomy and the electoral regime, have become important symbols of political democratization in China's historic progress. However, under the inductive combs, the villagers' committee election system is not perfect, the issues such as system programs and defect, and the negative effect in practice, rather than theoretical value and practical significance of coexistence, undermines democracy, free and fair elections. Therefore, further reforming and perfecting the system of villagers' committee election, there is a direct real motivation. But no matter how measures of reform and improvement, you must fit the theme of socialist democracy and the rule of law in China, do not depart from the value pursuit of villagers ' autonomy and sovereignty of the people.
Keywords/Search Tags:villagers' committees, The electoral system, Villager autonomy, Democratic politics, Improvement
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