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On Our Country's Ecological Environment, Resources, The Lack Of Legal System And The Consummation

Posted on:2012-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Comrade hu jintao's at the party congress report would be "construction of ecological civilization" clearly defined for our country in the 2020 years to achieve the comprehensive construction well-off society is one of the new requirements,Offered to "construction of ecological civilization basic formation, saving energy and resources and protect the ecological environment of the industrial structure, increase mode and consumption model"In the party's 16 big reports put forward, "sustainable development ability strengthens constantly, improve the ecological environment,Resources use efficiency improved significantly and promote the harmony of man and nature,Promote the whole society to "production, affluent life and good ecology civilization development path" is defined as the comprehensive construction affluent society's goal to one,Congress will this goal in theory for a comprehensive distillation.Early in the 20 century,Vice premier wen, comrade proposed "the 21 st century is a century of the ecological civilization" the judgment.Reform and opening up to 30 DuoNian.China achieved world-stunning successes.But at the same time must see.Our economic growth is based on energy wastage and great damage to the ecological environment of the foundation.Whether retain one basic survival of arable land and fresh water,Or support sustained economic growth in energy and mineral resources are relative shortageAnd the ecological environment is very fragile.The current ecological environment, natural resources and economic and social development, the contradictions seriously,This one contradiction will be accompanied by economic and social development in a long period will increasingly prominent.To realize the construction of ecological civilization goal,Establishment conforms to the ecological balance of the mode of production and life,Deal with a good man and resources, environment, development of the harmonious relationship between,A sound legal system of keeping pace with The Times ecological system is the fundamental guarantee for the goal.In the protection of the ecological environment development,The existing laws and regulations is perfect, the perfect, timely modification,Ecological environment protection management limited to the local area change, change one-sidedly management,No along with the social economy development timely adjust.To solve ecological environment and the social development problem,To realize sustainable development of man and nature,Is to make a series of ecological environment and regulations,perfect strategic policy.In view of this, Combined with our present situation of the ecological environment, The construction of ecological civilization will achieve goals, Perfect the relevant laws and regulations, and discusses the construction。...
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