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Study On Land Resources Use And Ecological Environment In Shanxi Province

Posted on:2006-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Land is material foundation and environmental factor that human lives and develops. Land use closely relates with ecological environment. The thesis inquiries into the influence of ecological condition by analyzing land use way and land use structure etc., and hints the relation between land use and ecological environment on the basis of analyzing change pattern of land use for years in Shanxi Province.First, the paper analyses the background of exploiting land resources in Shanxi Province, especially analyses the beneficial term and restricted factor of Shanxi provincial land use. Second, the paper shows the degree and regularity, that various land use affect ecological environment, by analyzing land resources condition at present and the change character of land use at the time-space near ten years. Last, the paper analyses the stress on the distribution and the hurtfulness and the impact factor of the mainly two ecological problems, such as land sanding and soil erosion, and puts forward the influence function and transformation measure of land sanding and soil erosion under land use. The conclusion is under:Human's way and behavior of land use deeply affect and change its existence environment. We should make the best use of the situation and should make scientific and reasonable use of land resources and should effectively protect and improve the ecological environment, and should develop every kind of environmental terms. Contrary, if lack of macro-view guide and immoderate land resources utilization at random and even factitiously, ecological environment will be destroyed and ecosystem will be worsened. The practice has been proved. Scientifically adjusting land use structure and making advantage of land resources will push continual agricultural development in Shanxi Province. According to the characteristics of more mountain and less plain and herding plentiful land resources in Shanxi Province, Item of "tillage land -returning-wood land" must be fast practiced, and step of ecosystem environment improvement must be positively done, and the result of improving ecosystem must be very good. Realizing economic performance and social performance and ecosystem performance would be unify on the basis of scientifically developing and exploiting land resources and extending plant cover rate and increasing land utilization rate.The paper puts forward the reasonable use of land resources and gives the measure and the suggestion of promoting continual development of economic society on the basis of studying the relationship between land use and ecological environment, and according to the problem of land use at present and worse influence to ecological environment.
Keywords/Search Tags:land resources, use, ecological environment
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