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Fire Management Socialization Fire Management Study

Posted on:2012-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330371952269Subject:Public Management
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Fires are one of the most frequent, destructive and influential severe disasters, and very likely to cause heavy casualties and huge losses. Public safety becomes the hot point and a major concern of the society, which becomes more important in achieving our scientific development and our harmonious society. Currently, accidents related to production safety, food safety occur frequently, and public safety has become the most important part of the administrative function of the government. As an essential part of the national system of social public safety, fire safety management is a great standard used to measure the civilization of a city, a region and even a country.As an essential part of public administration, fire safety management means the multi-level, multi-dimensional and multi-way management of the affairs related to public fire safety management, carried out by governmental departments and non-governmental public organizations, with the extensive participation and restricting of all the citizens. The four subjects, namely, the governments, the departments, the units, and the citizens, participate in the joint management of affairs related to public fire safety management, which is what we call social fire safety management.Currently Guangdong province is in a necessary and distinct historical period of great economic and social transitions and emerging contradictions. Temporal, hsitorical and paroxysmal become the distinctive features in fire safety management. Restricted by administrative confinements, the lower governmental levels such as towns and residents' committees lack in fire safety organizations, and are weak in supervision. When it goes to the lower levels, fire safety management is prone to absence, and the measures are hard to be carried out. And many departments think it is only the fire department's responsibility to do fire safety management, and they lack in the initiatives to participate. And many administrative departments do not give priority to the fire safety within their own industries and systems. There are no assessing and awarding mechanisms and what is called department supervision according to the law only relies on the consciousness of the department. And the united supervision mechanism is not fully implemented. Nowadays, our country does not have advanced laws and regulations associated with fire safety management, the credit system of fire management and self-control mechanism are not established, and the costs of violating the fire safety laws and regulations are lower than those of abiding by them, which results in the fact that social units ignore their fire safety responsibility, do not take effective measures to take precautions, and fires take place frequently. The national educational system for fire safety is not advanced, the ways to educate being simple an dull, popularity rate low, effect unclear, citizens' fire safety qualities generally low. Some unsafe habitual ideas and customs still dominate people's daily lives and become the hotbed for fire disasters.In social fire safety management, we need to make sure that the government will be stronger in leadership, departments will be more effective in supervision, social units will be all-round, the countryside communities should be more regulated, and fire stations should be more orderly. This will contribute to carrying out governmental responsibility system for fire safety management, perfecting associated supervision mechanism among different departments, confirming the subject responsibility of social units, and improving the qualities of citizens.Public fire safety management is a new branch in administration. Currently, theoretical researches and practical developments are seldom illustrated from the perspective of public administration. The writer of this paper attempts to begin from this perspective, to analyse the disadvantages in present public fire safety management, to make breakthroughs in fire safety management mechanism from the aspects of theory and system, and to find out the strategies for public fire management in the interaction among governments, departments, social units and citizens.
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