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National Identity In The Cross-strait Policy Factors And Their Interaction Impact Studies

Posted on:2013-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330374958467Subject:Ethnic political science
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Although the meaning of "National identity" shows different forms at different times and locations, it always evolves powerful cohesiveness and national belongings. At the same time, national identity is the internal power of development and unity for our Chinese nation.Under the influences of national identity, which basis on "One China" principle, Chinese government's policy on Taiwan always shows the firmness on principle and inclusive and pragmatic on strategy. Unfortunately, the Taiwan authorities embarked on a very different way with the mainland. From the1990s, the "Taiwan independence" forces implemented divisive activities and promoted "Taiwan identity" vigorously, which carried very bad effects on National identity of Taiwan compatriots. Since2008, Economic and cultural exchanges and people-to-people contacts between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits have made rapid progress. However, these "good" policies have not resulted in the rapid promotion of the Taiwan compatriots'Chinese nation identity. This is mainly due to the long-term loss and alienation of "National identity" in Taiwan.In view of the importance of National identity in cross-strait relations and the realities that Taiwan compatriots have some deviations on the understandings of National identity, the analysis of interaction between National identity and cross-strait policy is undoubtedly very significant in both theories and practices.This paper uses text analysis and inductive deductive method to analysis the central issue in systematic, comprehensive and detailed way. The Paper is divided into five chapters:The first chapter is writing about the backgrounds and key concepts, meanwhile clarifying the methods and significance of this study; Chapter II is about the historical development processes of the cross-strait "National identity", and the reasons that lead to current deviations on cross-strait "National identity"; Chapter III and Chapter IV, basing on the specific cross-strait policies, analysis the connotations and features of Cross-strait policies of the both sides of the Straits; Chapter V will summarize the interaction between the cross-strait National identity and policies, and look to the prospects of peaceful reunification.The Cross-strait policy is actually based on the process of National identity's integration and separations. At the same time, the basic stone of peaceful reunification is the unified Chinese nation identity. Therefore, it is extremely important to strengthen the construction of cultural identity, deepen the National identity and strengthen the Chinese identity in the future on both sides of the Straits. It is not only need to carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation to carry forward the traditional Chinese culture, also need to promote the institutionalization process of cross-strait exchanges in various areas and rebuilding the common historical memories. As long as we continue to promote a closer interaction, we would increase the consensus of peaceful development of cross-strait relations. And this would be favorable to the common development of the National identity on both sides of the Straits, and to the harmony and unity of the compatriots across the Straits.Only by this way can the "Taiwan identity" be weakened. And we are achieving the well-ordered development of Cross-strait relations. Eventually we can have the peaceful reunification of our motherland fulfilled.
Keywords/Search Tags:National Identity, Taiwan Identity, Cross-strait Policy, Interaction, Peaceful Reunification
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