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The Human Energy Expenditure Of Walking On The Treadmill In The Different Loading Conditions

Posted on:2012-08-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Z LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2217330338450727Subject:Human Movement Science
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Objective:Sports and energy expenditure have been the hot point of international study. How to improve the energy expenditure of sports in daily life is a problem to be solved for nationwide fitness. To study the difference of energy expenditure when adding mass to different apartment of the human body, and the biomechanics reason. The result will supply the scientific accordance for nationwide fitness.Methods:Eight young men volunteered to join this experiment .Three weight (0.5kg,1kg,1.5kg) were adding to six different apartment of human body (foot, shank, leg,hand,front arm, upper arm) .this experiment was done at the treadmill at the speed of 1.2m/s.After arming the K4b2 ,start the experiment . we collect the statement at the five ten fifteen and nineteen minute. The Vicon and the K4b2 were used . the experiment lasted twenty minute. statistical testing was performed using SPSS 17.0. All significance levels were set at p=0.05.Result:1) There are no difference of energy expenditure among different situation but adding foot 1.5kg(p=0.00<0.05)2) There are no difference of the change of knee angle among different situation.3) There are no difference of the speed of ankle among different situation, but adding foot 1.5kg(p=0.026<0.05)4) The affect of apartment of body is significant (p=0.00<0.05), but the weight is not(p=0.188>0.05), both of the apartment of body and weight is not significant(p=0.153>0.05).Conclusion:At different situation, only adding foot 1.5kg,there are significant for energy expenditure rate, This result told us that when the adding weight is little, the foot is the most important for energy expenditure rate. The reason of the result possibly is that the mass change the speed of ankle, the energy expenditure rate changed. But other kinematics is conservation. The reason of this phenomena maybe is neurarchy. The apartment of body is more effective than weight ,when adding mass to increase energy expenditure rate,the apartment of body is the first advised factor . Walking with small weight on hands is not effective for energy expenditure rate.
Keywords/Search Tags:loading, position of loadings, kinematic parameter, dynamics parameter
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