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A Comparative Study On Two Inertia Parameter Models Of Racing Horse

Posted on:2017-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Q DongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330485462255Subject:Human Movement Science
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Objective:A suitable model of inertial parameters is an important foundation for the quantitative study of high level human or animal(horse racing).By applying the inertia parameter model of two common horse racing links to the race in the formal competition,the application of the two models is also provided,and the reference is provided for the further improvement of the model.Methods:By JVC high-speed camera(GC-P100AC,Japan),Shooting in November 2014 15 Chinese speed racing Open New Zealand friendly(1200m)10 horses of thoroughbred horse(horse at the age of 3 years old)of video games,fixed machine geting every horse in 1100m(straight)two-dimensional image of a gait cycle,filming frequency 200fps,high 1.65m,and the vertical distance between the shooting area is 30m.Using APAS computer aided image analysis system,The analytical model is established by using Buchner and Katsuyoshi inertial parameter model respectively.The analytical model of the photographic image is analyzed,and the analytical range is a gait cycle.Results:The characteristic parts of the two models:Total center of gravity,the upper edge of the shoulder,the root of the root of the displacement,speed,and the angle of the trunk link,angular velocity have a high correlation coefficient(gamma>0.7);The total center of gravity and the position of the root of the Buchner model is higher than the Katsuyoshi model,the trunk link angle of Katsuyoshi model is greater than the Buchner model(p<0.01),The total center of gravity of the Buchner model is less than Katsuyoshi model.Research conclusion:The difference of trunk segment leads to the two models of the total center of gravity and the position of the root of the tail,the trunk link angle is different.And the change range of the total center of gravity is different.The total center of gravity displacement of Buchner model and Katsuyoshi model is similar to the upper edge of the upper edge of the body surface,and the can be used to approximate the movement of the total center of the horse race.
Keywords/Search Tags:Racing horse, Inertia parameter Model, Center gravity
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