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Study On Development Of Tennis Sports In Gansu Province The Current Situation And Influence Factor Analysis

Posted on:2013-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330374455954Subject:Humanities and sociology
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As a sport with leisure, fashion, elegance, civilization, and with a lifelong value of exercise, tennis was already quite popular in Europe and America Developed Countries after the1970s. Tennis can bring a person the wonderful emotional experience, and make people full of health, full, enterprising and self-confidence. Tennis is a sport for all ages, and a sport according to their different levels, different states, different speed and rhythm. Regardless of whether you have good sports foundation, regardless of age distinction, the elderly, youth or child, regardless of the figure or shape restrictions, just pick up the rackets, walk into the tennis court with friends, you will enjoy the fun of this sports. Into the21st century, tennis has gradually formed a mania in many of our large cities and economically developed areas. The unique charm of tennis has become one way that the modern urban people to pursue the high quality of life. At the same time tennis has become the first choice when people exercise and develops very rapidly.However in recent years the development trend of tennis sport in China is not balanced. Reflected in the economically developed areas of the provinces, tennis is carried out in full swing, while relatively slow in the less developed and geographical remote province of Gansu. For various reasons, the gap is large between east and west, the level of social development differs a decade or so compared with the developed areas. The development of the National Fitness Business including tennis, also has been suffered serious constraints. On the current situation, the development degree of tennis in Gansu province still lags far behind compared to the provinces and cities where tennis carried out good. There also still exist many problems to be solved in the process of tennis develops. To solve these problems, first of all, we must investigate the status of tennis development in Gansu province, grasp the root and essence of the problems. Also we must find out the factors restrict to the development of tennis in Gansu province, and put forward the ideas and countermeasure. But learned from the current research literature in the field, no one has researched deeply, systematically and completely on the current situation of tennis development in Gansu province. Therefore, study in the current situation of tennis development and analysis the influence factor in Gansu, which can provide theoretical basis and practical experience, and provide scientific basis for the popularity of tennis. At the same time, this is an important subject to solve the slow development of tennis in Gansu in front of people who concerns about it.Through the methods of literature, questionnaire investigation, interview method, mathematical statistics method, mathematical statistics method and system induction method, the present situation of tennis development was investigated in Gansu province in this paper, and systematically analysis the main factors which influence the development of tennis sport in Gansu province lags behind through multi-dimension and multi-index. Mainly in the following aspects:(1) environment climate conditions factors;(2) income and consumer attitudes factors;(3) social participation and inadequate tennis facilities;(4) lack of tennis coaches and teachers, tennis technical level and teaching level is limited;(5) tennis tournament held in very little, not enough promotion of the tennis culture;(6) short and imperfection of tennis clubs and tennis technical training organizations;(7) the support is not enough of the local government and the related policies.In view of the above factors, according to the actual situation of Gansu province, put forward the corresponding measures and countermeasures:(1) combined with the climate characteristics of Gansu province, strengthen the construction of the tennis stadium facilities;(2) accelerate the promotion of tennis and tennis cultural among the masses, establish the correct understanding view, values and consumption view;(3) actively cultivate the tennis market, walk the path of industrialization development;(4) promote the establishment of tennis Club, tennis association and set up tennis technical training long-term institutions;(5) seek government support, organize various forms of amateur tennis tournament, increase the opportunities for exchange of tennis enthusiasts;(6) comprehensively develop tennis sport, pay attention to the cultivation of reserve talents tennis;(7) develop college tennis.According to the investigation results and the problems existed, this paper proposes the feasible advices and measure for reference which suit for the development of tennis in Gansu province, to provide reference and basis for decision-making for further promoting and improving the popularity of tennis development in Gansu province.
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