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Research Of Industrial Manipulator Control System With Five Degrees Of Freedom Based On FPGA

Posted on:2013-01-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2218330374961242Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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Robot technology had been combined embedded technology and intelligent controlalgorithm with vision of machine that have pop subject and lead fields, also it involvesinterdisciplinary cross, including mechanism, electronic technology, sensing technology,bionics, kinematics, dynamics, computer technology and automatic control theory, and soon. It symbolizes a national comprehensive science and technology level and ability,which was one of the most popular areas to development of the world science andtechnology. Therefore, research of robot has the very important significance.To begin with, the paper introduced holistic system solutions of serial industrialmanipulator, including mechanical structure of the manipulator and system software andhardware platform, etc.Then, emphasis analysis of the kinematics positive solutions andinverse problem. Furthermore, it were discussed that the inverse kinematics multiplesolutions and trajectory planning movement. Finally, it use to Robotics Toolbox andSimMechanics Toolbox of Matlab company under Simulink simulated for work space,kinematics, inverse kinematics and trajectory planning of manipulator, also it realizingPWM pulse control for5R manipulator.In this paper, to establish model of5R serial industrial manipulator as the researchobject. On top of that,building schematic diagram of mechanism and coordinate systemof manipulator, and to analyze the D-H parameters, positive and inverse kinematicsequation and solution, which provides basis for the trajectory planning movement ofmanipulator. In this manipulator system,using embedded processor as hardware platformbased on FPGA and building SOPC system framework with Niosâ…ˇsoft processor.In this paper, the method that inverse kinematic solution used to closed algebra inthe industrial manipulator. It has speed, high efficiency and convenience for real-timecontrol, etc.It is emphasis and aporia to industrial manipulator that kinematics inverse solutionand multiple solutions optimization in the control system based on FPGA. Coterminousthree axis of joint make parallel structure while we build manipulator model, somechanical structure of manipulator will content pieper criterion. So, we can use the mostcommonly method to industrial manipulator that is inverse kinematics solution, namelyclosed algebra method. The method has many advantages that fast calculation speed, highefficiency and convenience for real-time control, etc.This paper researches a kind of method that trajectory planning of linearinterpolation taking parabolic transition,which can reduce generating shock owing todiscontinuous function that steering engine in the start and end points. So,it can increaseservice life of the steering engine and movement stability. In the joint space,to use jointtrajectory planning has simple calculation and time-saving and will not happen strangephenomenon of mechanism.Finally, in order to explain work space and kinematics simulation of the manipulator,to show three-dimensional space figure of manipulator using Matlab simulation. So,itdemonstrate feasibility of the theoretical solution and correctness of the algorithm.
Keywords/Search Tags:FPGA, industrial manipulator, kinematics, trajectory planning, Matlabsimulation
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