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Research On Measurement And Control System Of The Manipulator Based On FPGA

Posted on:2015-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330434460753Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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Robot is a multidisciplinary cross areas of technology, it covers the computer technologybionics, organization learning, kinematics, dynamics, electronic technology and automaticcontrol, etc. Robot technology combine the intelligent control algorithm and embeddedtechnology of frontier subjects with related fields such as vision of machine, it is the popularareas of the current world science and technology development, which embody thetechnology development level of the national science and the comprehensive ability. Thispaper designs four degrees of freedom manipulator system, on top of that, researching onrobot kinematics and trajectory planning. The main works of the thesis are as following:(1) This paper designs overall scheme of the manipulator system, it designs four degreesof freedom manipulator, which of the connecting rod structure using the aluminum alloyprofile, and estimates the joint torque based on the quality of each link. Choosing a biggerstepper motor torque which is fixed on the base of the manipulator, choosing the steering gearto realize the movement of other joints including grab institutions of the manipulator.completing the system of data processing and controlling with FPGA(Field ProgrammableGate Array), designing a measurement system of manipulator’position at the same time,completing simulation with QuartusⅡ and Modelsim.(2) This paper discusses the mathematical basis of robot kinematics, including the descri-ption of position and gesture of the manipulator, coordinate transformation of the space andhomogeneous transformation, robot link coordinate system is established. On top of that, thispaper describes the coordinate direction and parameters between the adjacent linkage withD-H(Denavit-Hartenberg)method, the manipulator kinematics equation is set up. According tothe actual structure parameters of manipulator, analyzing and solving the forward kinematicsof manipulator, at the same time, analyzing the inverse kinematics of manipulator simply.(3) This paper analyzes the trajectory planning method in the joint space and cartesianspace of manipultor, choosing cubic polynomial trajectory planning method in joint space, ontop of that, designing the trajectory planning module, coming up with the Strategy ofspeed-controlled signal of multi-channel PWM based on ROM, by simulating with QuartusⅡand Modelsim, it shows that this method can complete controlling of multiple motor well. Thestability and algorithm have the direct bearing on the running quality of the robot. So, thestudy on interpolating algorithm seems to be inevitable. when planning trajectory in cartesianspace, this paper adopts spatial straight line and arc interpolation algorithm for trajectoryplanning. It shows two kinds of algorithm of the trajectory planning in detail, and completesthe simulation with Matlab.
Keywords/Search Tags:Manipulator, FPGA, Kinematics, Trajectory planning
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