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Empirical Study Of Industrial Cluster's Influence On Enterprise Performance Based On The Structural Equation Model

Posted on:2012-09-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2219330362950996Subject:International Trade
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With the economic integration and economic globalization prevailing in the world, the cluster plays a great role in and determines the country and region's development, therefore, a lot of scholors,research institutes and government spend much human resourse,material resource and capital in studying the cluster. However, the cluser's good development is the accumulation of the interactional results of the enterprises in a cluster , vice versa, the cluster healthy development will also propel the development of the ecterprises, so in order to find how the cluster influences the enterprises, demonstrate the cluster's influential mechanism on the enterprises, we should study the role of cluster on the enterprises.First, this paper finds and analyses the research history of the industrial cluster and cluster's influence on the enterprises in a cluster, and concludes the their research defects in the academic theory; then, describes the cluster's development and characteristics, analyses enterprises' interactional roles in a cluster and cluster's influential mechanism on the enterprises; furthermore, points out the indicators that can indicate the industrial cluster and enterprise's performance, gives out the hypotheses that industrial incluster influences the enterprises's performance, constructs the structural equation model to measure the cluster's influence on the enterprises' performance,and analyses the reasons why this paper uses the strutural equation model, how to solve the model and how to measure the model's performance; at last, by choosing and using the ShangHai's pharmasceutical manufacturing industiry data, the cluster's influence on the enterprises in a cluster is substantiated and the coefficients of the structural equation model are solved.By analysing the statistical, academic and realistic significance of the model and its coefficients, the factors that influence the enterprises' performance most are found and some suggestions for the government and enterprises in the cluster to promote the enterprises'performance are given out.
Keywords/Search Tags:industrial cluster, enterprise performance, structural equation
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