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Analysis Of Bidding Evaluation Decision Support System Based On The Multi-agent Theory

Posted on:2013-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J M LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2232330371972859Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The bidding is an important method for construction contracting in our country, the research on how to use computer technology, network technology and communication technology to aid making purchasing decisions has vital research value. Bidding evaluation is one of the most important step in the tendering, therefore, whether tender evaluation method is reasonable will directly affect the results and effectiveness of the entire construction contracts. I is critical to improve the tender evaluation methods, because this will ensure to create an open, fair, fair, transparent selection of potentially successful bidder, to protect the bidding participants in the interests of all parties, to improve the quality of construction contracting. But current research on this field is relatively rare, therefore this paper decided to do some research from the angle of decision support system, trying to establish a bidding evaluation system based on Multi-Agent theory and group decision support theory, in other words this is an intelligent bidding evaluation system, with the help of means of bidding evaluation models and methods, this the process and results of bidding evaluation will become more standardized, scientific and modern, this research is also an important branch of the study of the electronic in the construction industry.This research adopted literature survey, case analysis, mathematical modeling, analogy analysis, combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis method to build the construction project bidding decision-making system and the method of bidding evaluation model.Firstly, this paper mainly did some research about current situation of the domestic bidding, it also introduced the basic theory of bidding and discussed the status of implementation of bidding, multi-objective decision theory status in the bidding evaluation process and technology roadmap.Then, this paper introduced the construction project bidding process, the content of tender evaluation, classified comparative study pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of commonly used in project evaluation methods, in addition, this paper also outlined the theory of Multi-Agent Based Group Decision Support System, the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and the TOPSIS evaluation techniques and theories of as the basis theory of the article.In addition, through the design of group decision support system structure and engineering project bidding bid evaluation model, this research set up an intelligent bid evaluation system based on Multi-Agent technology, and, from this three aspects of the system components, the functions of each parts of system and system running process, this research designed the intelligent bidding evaluation system and presented the role and function of intelligent Agent in this system, the process of phasing and the specific content of each stage when the system is working; considering the features of during the process of the project bidding evaluation variables, the large magnitude of bidding evaluation work, the human effect, this paper used the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and TOPSIS technology into the project evaluation activities and erected a standard model with the use of theory based on the AHP and TOPSIS.Finally, with the help of the case of a construction project bidding empirical research, this paper created the evaluation index system for a specific project, selecting the project price, construction design, quality assurance system, the construction period, the experience of the similar projects, the project manager performance, company financial position these sever indicators. Through the use of AHP and TOPSIS theory-based evaluation model, this last paragraph objectively evaluated the value of the newly established evaluation model through the results of the bidding evaluation model.This research with regard to the evaluation of construction project bidding decision-support system based on Multi-Agent model has huge practical merits, and it plays important role in the bidding of the construction industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:Group Decision Support System, Multi-Agent Technology, The AnalyticHierarchy Process (AHP), TOPSIS, Evaluation Index System
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