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Distribution Network Planning With Wind Turbine, Photovoltaic System, Storage System And Electric Vehicles

Posted on:2014-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Q LuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2232330392460803Subject:Electrical engineering
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With the rapid development of economy, energy consumptionincreases year by year, conventional energy are depleted, thus the newclean renewable energy will be desperately in need. At present in thedevelopment of renewable energy and new energy technologies, windenergy and solar energy are potential and have most development value,and the storage energy technology can also enhance the capacity andeffective utilization of wind energy and solar energy, at the same time,because electric vehicles have advantage in alleviating the energy crisisand reducing environmental pollution, these bring greater uncertainty tothe distribution network planning than in the past, then you need havesome innovation on ideas and methods of planning to establish atheoretical and applied foundation for a new distribution networkplanning.Analysis and calculation of power flow is the basis of electricnetwork planning. Traditional power flow algorithms are not applicable tothe new distribution network because of the new node type of generations. A new power flow calculation for the distribution network with windturbine, photovoltaic system, storage system and electric vehicles ispresented. Based on classifying the node type of them, methods ofdealing with these generations are proposed. According to the charactersof each node type, the Newton method in power flow calculation isimproved, which is widely used for the power system. Adopting themodified power flow calculation program for distribution network withwind turbine, photovoltaic system, storage system and electric vehicles,the simulation of an IEEE33-bus distribution power system is carried out.Simulation results show that the proposed power flow algorithm iseffective.On the premise of considering economy and security of distributionnetwork, the problem about the distribution network planning with windturbine, photovoltaic system, storage system and electric vehicles isresearched. Firstly, construct a distribution network optimal model, Theobjective function of the model is the minimum total value of investmentcost of network, wind turbine, photovoltaic system and storage system,the power loss of distribution network and the fee for purchasing powerfrom transmission grid, social benefits brought by the wind turbine,photovoltaic system and storage system in energy saving andenvironmental protection, then consider meeting the capacity of the newstorage power generation and feeder constraints, node voltage constraints, reverse flow constraints and radial grid structure constraints as theconstraints, and adopt genetic algorithm to solve the model. Secondly, inorder to overcome the shortage of standard genetic algorithm, a newimproved genetic algorithm which includes the improvement of the code,the initial population, the selection, the crossing and mutating is proposedto solve the distribution network optimal model described above. Finally,an improved10-bus power system is used for calculations and simulationresults show that the proposed model and algorithm are feasible.
Keywords/Search Tags:wind turbine, photovoltaic system and storage system, electric vehicles (EVs), distribution power flow, distribution networkplanning, genetic algorithm
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