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The Error Analysis And Teaching Strategies Of The"V着" Existential Sentence Which Based On The Comparison Between Chinese And English

Posted on:2013-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2235330371481908Subject:Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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The existential construction, representing a typical feature of Chinese as a topic-prominent language, is a special kind of sentence pattern in modern Chinese, so oftenmade errors.“V着” existential sentences as one of the existential sentence, the usefrequency is very high, but the study of this sentence is inadequate. The bias freq-uency in the use of “V着” existential sentence is also very high. Therefore the thes-is selects “V着” existential sentences as the research object, study it from the erroranalysis and teaching strategies inspection.The first chapter, the thesis focuses on the “V着” existential sentences researchachievements in Chinese language itself, the comparison between Chinese “V着”existential sentences and English existential sentences, bias and teaching, and illustrates the research work.The second chapter, the thesis attempts to clarify the definition and classificationof Chinese “V着” existential sentences and English existential sentences. And accor-ding to the three-dimensional grammar, comprise the A,B,C segment between them.The third chapter, the thesis collects errors made by abroad students on the useof Chinese “V着” existential sentences in the inter-language corpus, dividing thetypes of the errors, and then analysis the reasons of error from the negativetranslation of the mother tongue, textbook an teaching guide.The forth chapter, through the investigation of four sets of Chinese as a foreignlanguage textbooks about the arrangement of the “V着” existential sentences,analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of their arrangement,The fifth chapter, combined with the conclusions of the comparative analysis,bias analysis and textbooks analysis, puts forward some point of view about how toprove the teaching strategies.
Keywords/Search Tags:“V着” existential sentences, contrast, error analysis, text compilation, teaching strategies
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