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The Research Of Contemporary Numeral Abbreviations

Posted on:2012-12-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2235330395964547Subject:Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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In Chinese lexicology, numeral abbreviation is a subject worth much research. There are much word-formation methods in the modern lexicology system, and numeral abbreviation is one of them.Many scholars have made much research and analysis of numeral abbreviations from different aspects. Based on the previous research achievements, this article has probed deeply into numeral abbreviations by using the methods of description, explanation, science induction and theory of practice, including the numeral abbreviations’definition, characteristics, constitute rheology, use frequency, context causes and so on.Numeral abbreviation is the linguistic unit which extracts the similar structural components or semantic components of words and imposes them with numbers. The form features of numeral abbreviation includes number plus common morphemes and number plus characteristic morphemes, and the form features contains Paratactic type, slant formal subject-predicate type and verb-object type. Different interpretation is an extremely different changing way for numeral abbreviation, which is also called the linguistic phenomenon of putting new wine into old bottles.The use frequency of numeral abbreviations is different. From the synchronic perspective, the numeral abbreviations with high use frequency are the normal numeral abbreviations, which are universal and national scope. The numeral abbreviations with medium use frequency are limited to their contexts; while the abbreviations of low use frequency are restricted to smaller contexts, only adopted in oral and literal language with no universal use. The context factor could influence the use of numeral abbreviations. This article will illustrate the relationship between numeral abbreviations and context from three aspects, contextual situations, context traditions, and national traditional cultures.In the end, this article discussed the causes of numeral abbreviations. The language cause contains the optimized selection of syllables length, various composition methods and high productivity. The social factor includes the change of social environment, the innovation and simplicity mind from speakers, the listeners’ dynamic role and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:Numeral Abbreviations, Constitute rheology, Use frequency, Context, Reasons of Development
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