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The Research On Numeral Abbreviation In Teaching Chinese As A Foreign Language

Posted on:2020-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H M TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2415330590454859Subject:Chinese international education
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In order to improve the expression efficiency of discourses according to the principles of linguistic economics,people use numeral abbreviations which are composed of numbers plus common morphemes.In modern Chinese,in the field of ontology research of numeral abbreviations,attention has been paid in recent years.Research on its source,structure and use norms has been carried out,but there are still many opinions on its definition.In the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language,there are basically no results in the research on the teaching of numeral abbreviations.Therefore,this thesis hopes that through the study of numeral abbreviations,it can be extended from objective form description to internal function explanation,from ontology research to numeral abbreviations for teaching Chinese as a foreign language,combining the external combination of numeral abbreviations with internal composition research.And I try to provide practical and feasible reference experience for the teaching of numeral abbreviations in Chinese teaching for Chinese teachers.In the ontology research,this thesis first focuses on the structure and syllables of numeral abbreviations.Next,compares the numeral abbreviations in Chinese and Russian,and analyzes the similarities and differences.In addition,this thesis analyzes the numeral abbreviations appearing in the textbooks for teaching Chinese as a foreign language,and then through questionnaires to understand the difficulties of foreign students in learning numeral abbreviations.Then,puts forward some suggestions for the teaching of numeral abbreviations.Finally it's design of teaching,which is based on some common numeral abbreviations in life,and attempts to improve the understanding of foreign students on the special vocabulary of numeral abbreviations,and deepen the understanding of Chinese students on Chinese culture.
Keywords/Search Tags:teaching Chinese as a foreign language, numeral abbreviations, teaching of numeral abbreviations, Comparison between Chinese and Russian
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