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Yangjiabu With The Tongshunde New Year Paintings Workshop Study

Posted on:2014-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a New Year picture workshop, which was founded in the Qing dynasty andinherited by four generations, Tongshunde Art Shop in Weifang City, ShandongProvince is the typical representative of wood engraving pictures in Wei County(the former name of the urban area of present Weifang City, Shandong Province).In recent years, with the rapid development of regional commodity economy, thedevelopment of folk New Year pictures is hit by certain strike. As a result,inheritance artists of New Year pictures become less and less and New Year workshopsare also gradually disappearing. According to the author’s investigation, thereare only two or three workshops that make wood engraving pictures in the wholeYangjiabu region at present and there is only one workshop-Tongshunde with thelongest history and most complete inheritance system. This paper aims at analyzingand researching Tongshunde New Year picture workshop from perspectives ofsociology and fine arts, pointing out the influence of social transformation onthe creation of Weifang Tongshunde wood engraving pictures, and probing into therelations between social art and folk art, so as to better recognize and understandfolk art.There are mainly five chapters in this paper. Chapter1is about theintroduction, which mainly analyzes the writing purpose, research significance,research scope and methods of this paper. Chapter2analyzes the historicalevolution of Tongdeshun New Year picture workshop by giving an introduction tothe development history of Yangjiabu wood engraving picture, the ancestral originof Tongshunde, and artist Yang Luoshu. Chapter3mainly analyzes the representativeworks of Tongshunde wood engraving picture, including five categories of Yangjiabuwood engraving picture such as Buddha statue and paper horse category, festivalcategory, historical story category, opera story category as well as flowers, birds,fish and insects category; besides, this chapter also analyzes the wood engravingpicture works of Tongshunde picture shop at different ages. Chapter4analyzes the artistic characteristics of Tongshunde New Year pictures from four aspectssuch as composition, shaping, engraving and colors application. Through theanalysis, it concludes Tongshunde artists’ representativeness of absorbingtradition, advancing with the times, and complying with era on the way of developingfolk art. Besides, it also expounds the tools, materials and craftsmanship appliedby Tongshunde wood engraving pictures. Chapter5analyzes the protection andinheritance of Tongshunde wood engraving pictures. It mainly makes proposals fromfour aspects including focusing on research and classification of Yangjiabu woodengraving pictures, well protecting Yangjiabu successors, better inheriting andcreating Yangjiabu wood engraving pictures, and strengthening the protection ofYangjiabu wood engraving pictures. Through analyzing and researching TongshundeNew Year workshop, this paper hopes to provide valuable materials for the referenceof later generations’ study on folk New Year pictures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yangjiabu, Tongshunde Art Shop, Wood Engraving Picture, ArtisticCharacteristics, Inheritance Protection
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