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On The Development And Improvement Of People’s Mediation

Posted on:2012-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, in the current background of mediation mechanism, People’s work of mediation is increasingly thriving and organization of mediation is increasingly sound. Meanwhile, overall quality of people’s mediators continues to increase and People’s working in prevention and mediation to resolve social conflicts and disputes play important role in the increasing promotion of social harmony and stability. As a unique traditional Chinese culture, people’s mediation has a profound meaning of the legal system. It is an endemic way to resolve conflicts and eliminate non-litigation dispute. It is "the first line of defense" in China regarding dispute resolution mechanism. It is called by the international community as the "Oriental Experience", "flower of the East". On 28th, Aug,2010, the Eleventh National People’s Congress passed the " People’s Mediation Act in Republic of China". Form the status of people’s mediation system and the basic framework from the legislation, which makes provision regarding the nature of people’s mediation, tasks and principles of mediation and mediators elected organization, mediation, conciliation agreement. It provides a solid legal protection of managing the people’s mediation work. It is a milestone of the development of people’s mediation system.Under the background of the "People’s Mediation Law" has just introduced, The author tries to combine the relevant provisions of the Act to develop people’s mediation and practical difficulties in-depth analysis of the current problems in people’s mediation work on the basis basic theory and the history of people’s mediation, improve the idea of People’s mediation work.This paper is divided into five parts:The first part describes the basic theory of the people’s mediation system, including the concept and definition of people’s mediation, the people’s mediation organizations and people’s mediation work. The second part is the people’s mediation of the historical research, including our traditional mediation, civil mediation system of modern history. The third part includes the people’s mediation system from the angle of re-revival. PartⅣanalyzes the current status of the development of people’s mediation, including the mediation model of implementation with people all over the country regarding the "People’s Mediation Act" recent years, the salient features, as well as the development of people’s mediation work problems. The last part is the people’s mediation work of a number of sound ideas, including strengthen the people’s mediator team building, improve the effectiveness of people’s mediation agreement, clear the understanding of whether creating "Bring the People’s Forward".
Keywords/Search Tags:People’s mediation, historical study, development and innovation, perfect idea
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