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A Comparative Study About China’s Petition System And The European Ombudsman System

Posted on:2013-09-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Z ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2236330371970518Subject:Administrative Management
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As one of China’s unique system design,the system of letters andcalls has been working for about sixty years. The system changedfrom the initial processing letters from the masses to governmentdepartments recepet of visitors at all levels , today’s system of lettersand calls developed gradually from a non-standard temporarymeasures toward the formal , in particular,“Petition Regulations”came into effect on May 1, 2005 is to further standardize the systemand behavior .However , the system of letters and calls still far fromperfection and success , an endless stream of mass petition andcross-sectional visit proved this point . China’s the system of lettersand calls is far from completely solve the practical problems of thepeople , the masses can not be achieved through normal petitionprocess the demands of their own interests , the public and academiahave called for reform of the current the system of letters and calls .The system of letters and calls is the administrative remedy thedemocratic system , while abroad, a similar system is known as theombudsman system . Ombudsman system from constitutionalpractice and system of government , in 1809 originated in Sweden ,English name ombudsman Ombudsman ( Some scholars will also betranslated as The Ombudsman ) , the ombudsman was originally a Swedish vocabulary , its intent is more extensive is public or a groupof representatives or agents.Compared to our petition wave of emerging foreign petitioners arerelatively quiet. At home and abroad such a strong contrast , the useof the comparative study , four aspects of the petition system andombudsman system ( system functions , institutions , powers andworking procedures ) extracted separately , and were carried out acomparative analysis . Best reflects the essence of a system of theabove four aspects to find out the difference , identify problems andexplain social phenomena , and theory of China’s petition systemdeficiencies in the design of the system , and ultimately for ourcountry’s petition institution building to provide some suggestions toprovide a theoretical basis for the institutional level the reform ofChina’s petition system .
Keywords/Search Tags:The system of letters and calls, Ombudsman, Comparative Study
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