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Study Of Village Relocation And Combination Based On Transformations Of Government Function

Posted on:2013-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J JieFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330362974795Subject:Administrative Management
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“Better agriculture, better businesses; richer farmers, richer countries; steadiercountryside, firmer governments.” Although the first industry has been greatly reducedin the whole proportion of modern industrial structure system, the importance ofagriculture is still self-evident to China, such the largest population country in the world.Because of long insufficient investment in the rural areas and the existence ofunreasonable structure between rural and urban, the great poverty is caused in the ruralareas. After building a new socialist countryside was put forward in the16th of party5in plenary meeting, the central government provides rural areas with strong supportsin policies and money. Under such a background many local governments have carriedout a lot of useful exploration activities. With the new rural construction andurbanization further advancing, Village relocation and combination, as a new way ofimproving living conditions of farmers and villages, has been extensively expanded inmany cities and provinces. To a certain extent, this way promoted the intensiveutilization of rural land and benefited some farmers. However, there are also manyproblems in implementation due to different conditions in different areas. Thus it hasaroused great focus and controversy. In order to implement it timely and appropriately,it is quite significant to analyze the feasibility and non-feasibility of policies, study theproblems and seek the solutions.This paper, by using the method of normative analysis, literature analysis andempirical research, has a further research on village relocation and combination. Withthe investigation and analysis of related practice in Heze city of Shandong province, bycombining theoretical research in domestic and foreign areas, the author gives someprinciples of village relocation and combination. According to the people-oriented idea,local governments should respect the wishes of farmers, make scientific planning andimplement it moderately. Meanwhile, from the perspective of transformation ofgovernment functions, this article clarifies the position and performance of thegovernment in village relocation and combination, and provides the perfect thought andcountermeasures in order to make this activity reasonable, lawful and controllable.Taking Heze city as a study case, this paper provides a scientific, systematic reference tomany other provinces.
Keywords/Search Tags:village relocation and combination, the transformation of governmentfunctions, problems, principles, countermeasures
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