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The Global Finacial Grisis And The Transformation Of The U.S.-China Relations

Posted on:2013-06-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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From the first financial crisis in the human history, they are not only influence local politics and economic. but also played a catalytic role to the entire world fusion. after the baptism of several financial crisises,the relationship between China and the United States become one of the most important bilateral relations in the world. Sino-U.S. relation have profound changed in politics, economy, military."what is the function of The financial crisis in the involution of Sino-U.S. relation","what kind of roles are the prevention and control of the financial crisis play in the development of Sino-U.S. relation","what contact the financial crisises with Sino-U.S. relation","where is the direction of Sino-U.S. relation after the crisis". All of these are urgent questions. Take the global financial crisis as a background, based on the relations between China and the United States,this essay tries to solve these problems.The paper discuss those question from six parts:The first one is introduction. Including the purpose and significance of the subject, analyses the related literature, put forward my own innovation points, explained writing ideas and methodsThe second part introduces the related theory of financial crisis, according to different financial crisis concepts of different scholars, summarizes my owe understanding of financial crisises; then introduces the types of financial crisis, expounds the generating elements of financial crisises, and finally summary the main characteristics of modern financial crisisesThe third part introduce the financial crisises since20century from three stages. The first stage is before1990s, take1907"American bank crisis",1929,"and Great Depression","sluggish crisis."after world war tow as examples,the second stage is between1990s to2000,including "Japan’s economic crisis", the "Mexico financial crisis" in1994and "the southeast Asian financial crisis"in1997, the last stage is since2000, the most representative financial crisis is global financial tsunami triggered by the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis. Through analyzing the causes of those financial crisises and their influence, sums up the effect Financial crisis act on the world and the development of China and the United States relation.The forth part discuss the change of Sino-U.S. relation that triggered by financial crisis. Take2007as a demarcation point, comparative analysis the new changes in the politice, economy, military, climate, Taiwan, and other problems. The fifth part analyzes the future prospect of Sino-U.S. relation. Financial crisises make profound changes in Sino-U.S. relation. The influence of Sino-U.S. relation by Financial crisises is a process from nonexistence passing into existence, The financial crisis and Sino-U.S. relation is mutual effect. The development direction of Sino-U.S. relation influence the effect of world coping with the financial crisis. This part also analyzes the influence factors of Sino-U.S. relation from both positive and negative, and finally sum up that China and the US should remain the competition and cooperation relationship.The sixth part is the conclusion.
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