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Research On The Legal System Of Indemnificatory Housing Distribution

Posted on:2013-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374967405Subject:Economic Law
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Housing is a basically indispensable material for the life of every single member of the society. Over the past30years’reform and opening up, Chinese economy develops rapidly. People’s standard of living is increased considerably. Accordingly, the state makes adjustment to housing policies. Since the end of last century, China’s housing policies have been shifting from welfare-oriented distribution to housing commercialization. The immediate consequence of that transformation is soaring price of houses in the following ten years. Due to sharp rise of housing prices, low-and middle-income homes in urban areas are observed difficulties in purchasing apartment. It’s the compelling obligation for the government to provide basic housing security for social members. For that reason, China government formulates social indemnificatory housing policy. Such kind of policy is carried out to accommodate to the housing demands by low-and middle-income families in cities through the government playing its functions, large-scale construction of different indemnificatory housing such as affordable housing and low-rent housing, alleviating social conflicts induced by too fast-rising prices of apartment.However, in the distribution system of indemnificatory housing, many problems are existent, e.g. nontransparent distribution procedure, unqualified objects, unfair distribution results, indemnificatory housing getting commercialized, and even deceitful purchase and rental etc. The reason for all those problems lies in the imperfect legal system of the indemnificatory housing distribution. Depend on the results of policy implementation in recent years, the legal system of indemnificatory housing distribution in China faces some problems, which are lack of unit law system, the division of powers of distribution is not clear, the force of the rules is not strong enough and unstable. Therefore, we should perfect the indemnificatory housing distribution laws and regulations, to clear the limits of distribution authority, determine the supervision power and perfect allocation process, by these measures, to promote the perfection of indemnificatory housing distribution legal system. Wherefore, we should notice to the specific implementation of the system design, in this paper, it suggests improving the existing law and regulations about indemnificatory housing allocation. Rigorous supervision system must be established as to increase the transparency of distribution procedure. Moreover, it should impose harsher punishment on any illegal act to ensure a fair, orderly and reasonable link of indemnificatory housing distribution.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government policy, Social indemnificatory housing, Unfair distribution results, Distribution legal system
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