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The Party System Of Inspection Tours

Posted on:2013-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L W WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374978206Subject:Political Theory
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The inner-party inspection system is a major step to strengthen thepartys construction, to improve the inner-party supervision and topromote the anti-corruption construction in new period. The majortarget of the inspection is junior leading cadre, through the inspection,not only fundamentally punish corruption severely, but also payattention to prevent the generation of corruption, strengthen theconstruction of system and strive to curb corruption from its source.Since the inner-party inspection system has been finalized as the formalcode of the party in2003, then "Regulations of Inspection System (tryout)"has been formally promulgated in2009, gradually took the road ofroutinization.Then,How do we judge whether inspection system is scientific or not.It needs to use the mechanism design theory to analysis. Themechanism design theory in Economics has more thorough research.Therefore, this article takes the mechanism design theory as the theorybasis. First, from the two points of view of information efficiency andincentive compatibility to analyze and study the scientific nature of thepatrol system within the party; Second, there are several ways toimprove and perfect the inspection system, such as makinggovernment affairs known to the public, Innovating inspection workingprocedure, establishing the mechanism of rewards andpunishments,responsibility assigning mechanism, etc. At last, extendingthrough the forward the system reform, strengthen supervision andconsciousness and improve power operation monitoring mechanism forstrengthening the partys supervision.
Keywords/Search Tags:Inspection System, Inner-party Supervision, MechanismDesign Theory, Information Efficiency, Incentive Compatibility
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