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Research On Optimization Of Performance Management Of LY Tax Bureau

Posted on:2019-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2436330578977142Subject:Business administration
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LY Taxation Bureau is located in southern Jiangsu province.Since 2013,it has implemented performance management in an all-round way.It is one of the earliest county-level taxation bureaus to carry out performance management by signing performance contracts to double-check departments and tax cadres.With the deepening of performance appraisal in the tax system,the performance of individual tax cadres plays a more and more important role in the organizational performance of the whole tax system.In the process of performance appraisal,the Tax Bureau attaches importance to the performance of departments and neglects the impact of individual performance on the realization of the overall performance goals.Tax cadres have emerged.In order to assess the phenomenon of work,one-sided pursuit of improving performance indicators,while ignoring the negative impact of the quality of indicators,resulting in the overall performance appraisal is not ideal,the content of performance appraisal is not balanced,performance management guidance is biased and other issues.This paper aims at the performance management of LY Tax Bureau.By studying the relevant theoretical knowledge of information efficiency and incentive compatibility theory and performance management theory in mechanism design theory,and combining with the performance management objectives,principles,assessment status and performance tools used by LY Tax Bureau,it adopts literature research,questionnaire survey and on-the-spot investigation.By means of investigation,fishbone diagram and chart analysis,this paper analyzes the internal causality between LY Tax Bureau,s performance management and employee motivation,and explores how to optimize and improve LY Tax Bureau's current performance management mechanism from two aspects of improving the information efficiency of performance management mechanism and how to achieve incentive compatibility.Establish a complete system,strong operational grass-roots tax authorities of personal performance management mechanism of the program,so as to truly achieve personal performance goals to promote organizational performance.LY Taxation Bureau in the performance appraisal process presents more and more serious problems,has become a common problem of tax system performance management,but also the implementation of performance management organizations including enterprises are facing a common problem.This paper breaks the fixed thinking mode of performance management research,and innovatively introduces the mature "mechanism design theory" in management economics as the theoretical basis.At the same time,it takes the personal performance management of tax cadres as the main research object,and divides it from the two factors of "information efficiency"and "incentive compatibility".Analyzing the performance management problems faced by LY Taxation Bureau is a new idea in the theoretical and practical research of management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Performance Management, Information Efficiency, Incentive Compatibility, Individual Performance Management in Tax System
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