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Construction Of Administrative Service Center In The Perspective Of Seamless Government Theory

Posted on:2013-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330377459750Subject:Administrative Management
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The Administrative Service Center (also known as the Government Affairs Service Center) is a local government reform practice to establish a" one-stop" services as the carrier, the preliminary attempt of making approval process optimization, simplifying handle affairs program, executing window type service, and improving the efficiency, and also the beneficial move in the establishment of the service government of" customer oriented". With the constantly development of socialist market economy and unceasingly thorough of the administrative management system reform, the construction of service-oriented government in China has achieved initial success, it plays an important role in the development of regional economy, public service, improving administrative efficiency, and the transformation of government functions. However, the current administrative system reform in our country still did not break away from" control" government framework, government affairs service center during operation presents public service to provide a one-sided, supervision system is not perfection and supporting the problem such as lag of reform, government affairs supermarket as" administrative center accepted" rather than a fully functional" service center", its function and effectiveness of play also is restricted, so the research of this respect is very necessary.This article takes Guangzhou Administrative Service Center as the study case, based on positioning the concept of this center, seamless docking of achievement, the problems occurred in operation and empirical analysis of innovation practices, summaries the worthy experiences, and provides a train of thought for the construction of seamless government affairs service center in China. Guangzhou Administrative Service Center established the values based on customer orientation, competition oriented and result oriented in the beginning of its establishment, on the basis of which the seamless docking of service network, service supervision system, evaluation standard and service channels was achieved and the speed of approval was accelerated greatly. It has good popularization value. Nevertheless, according to the theory of seamless government values measured Guangzhou Administrative Service Center construction, existing problems. In the end of this paper, the two parts of the analysis of government affairs service center operation problems and the reason of these problems, based on the above analyses, puts forward some countermeasures, namely optimize the peripheral development environment of government affairs service center, innovate the operation mechanisms and straighten out the workflow, with a view to provide references for the nationwide construction of seamless government service centers. From the selected topic and content, this article takes the construction and development of government affairs service center in our country as the research subject, and combines with the empirical analysis of a local government affairs service center to explore the measures of strengthening administrative service center construction. The content is more detailed and more in-depth analysis. From the method of research, this paper, adopting the joint of theory and practice, carries out specific analysis on theory and puts forward practical and feasible operation program through investigates and surveys. However, because of the limited obtained information, the reasons for operation dilemmas of Guangzhou Administrative Service Center are not thorough and the countermeasures about the further development for government service center are also not concrete and overall.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative Service Center, Seamless Government Theory, Cross-functionalteams
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