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Present Situation And Strategy Of College Students "village Officials"

Posted on:2011-11-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In2005, the central government began to implement the plan of hiring thecollege graduates to work in the grass-roots level. Since then, a group of collegestudents have been directly selected out to work in the communities and ruralareas every year (called College Students "Village Officials" for short). Theirworking status has always been paid much attention by the leaders andorganizations at all levels. Hiring college students as village officials, as a meansof transporting high-quality personnel to the backward rural, is with greatimportance to the development of modern agriculture and the full integration andeffective utilization of all types of resources in rural areas. Meanwhile it is also agood measure to promote rural economic, social and cultural development invarious undertakings, to promote the pace of constructing a new socialistcountryside and building a harmonious socialist society. However, it iscontroversial on aspects in the role of college student village officials to play inpractice, follow-up training and so on. Therefore, this research is with great significance.In this paper, college students "village officials" are chosen as object of study.First of all, it is sorted of the implementation of hiring College students as "villageofficials", including the generation background of College Student VillageOfficials, development history and function on new rural construction. Selectingcollege students who work in communities and rural area in Nantong city assample, it is in order to investigate and analyze the current situation of collegeStudent Village Officials project through combination method of live interviewand questionnaire survey. The problems met by College Students VillageOfficials’ working are analyzed by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, equity theoryand expectancy theory, which mainly reflecting four problems of the collegeStudent Village officials: the utilitarian mentality and speculation of the policy,lack of security, low identity of the role and uncertain career planning. Learningfrom success experiences college student village officials in other cities, thestrategy and suggestions are proposed to improve Nantong college student villageofficials project, including: through the establishment of the combination ofmaterial and spiritual dual incentive model, a care Helping mechanism andestablishing a sound performance appraisal system and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:public human resource management, college students villageofficials, strategy
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