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The System Structure Of The Circulation Of The Right To The Use Of The Rural Housing Land

Posted on:2013-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D QiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395970786Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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The system of homestead use of right itself is a special legal system with Chinesecharacteristics. At the first time of the legislation in current system of the right in usinghomestead, which advocating the values of social law, and taking the life-support functionsas the primary factors in the design system. In order to enable farmers to exclusively enjoythe system which provides benefits and security, and prevent other rights stepping in orgetting a finger in.Thus, the legislation in the transfer rural housing land have carried outrestrictive regulation in our country, and which have made the circulation of homestead useof right possible. As a reasonable trading which conforms to the market rules, we cannot uselegal regulation to suppress the circulation of the right in homestead use, however, we shouldregulate it through the perfection of legal regulation. With the requirements of thedevelopment of market economy, the urban-rural integration as a tide in worldwide must bea trend on the socialist modernization program. We ought to thoroughly apply the ScientificOutlook on Development and insist on the principle of rural and urban overall plan. Thispaper analyzes the problem in the circulation of the right of homestead use by unscramblingthe current legislation of homestead, which starts from the theoretical basis of the transferrural housing land and analyzes its experimental mode, then makes my own design ideas onthe specifically construction of it.This paper is divided into five parts: the first part is introduction, which begins with theimportance of the land system and the problem of “Three Rural Issues”, and then leads to thesystem of homestead use of right ought to comply with the wave of change. We shouldevolve in the revolution and perfection, which is the inevitable stage of the perfection of landpolicy and the realization of urban-rural integration. The second part of the paper cardingsthe relevant legislation about the system of homestead use of right and summarizes theproblems, then proposes to the practical needs in the building of the circulation abouthomestead use of right. The third part of the paper lists the pilot mode of the circulation ofhomestead use of right, which analyzes the current mode and provides a reference forbuilding the system. The forth part is the focus of this paper, which is the specific build ofthe system on the circulation about homestead use of right. Firstly, it contains the designideas and principles of the entire circulation system, followed by reduction andre-positioning of the quality of homestead use of right. Finally, I design the specific systems,which includes the main system, the obtain system, the objects and scope of circulation, thetransfer forms and the distribution system of profit. The fifth part presents my own viewsand ideas about the building of the related system in the circulation about homestead use of right in our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:The right of homestead use, Circulation system, Resources optimizationallocation, The integration of urban and rural areas, The farmer collective
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